TrialNet Looking for Volunteers

If you are between the ages of 1 and 46 and have a relative with T1D, you may be eligible for the Pathway to Prevention Study. The study involves drawing less than a half teaspoon of blood that is screened for auto-antibodies to T1D. This process can reveal those who are at risk of developing T1D, since auto-antibodies can show up years before diagnosis. The study is being carried out by the University of Minnesota and 300 other centers, world-wide. There is no charge to you, and the test can even be done by mail! Your participation will help scientists figure out how T1D moves within families.

To find out more, call Chris at 612-624-2922, or go to

Auto-antibody screening will be available at the Minnesota State Fair

Look for TrialNet in the Driven to Discover Building on Cooper Avenue. TrilNet staff will be on hand to explain the study and draw your blood. Numbing cream will be available for you to apply to your arm to minimize the sting of the needle stick. Again, there is no charge!